Final Countdown: Trump and Clinton will play chess before the Elections

All debates are over. According to the latest poles, Clinton is ahead only by 2 points. All the election specialists share the view that chess games that will be realized in Staples Center Laundry tomorrow at 21.00  will be decisive for the 2016 presidential elections. Owing to olympic gold medal in Baku this year, chess had[…]

All the Aristocratic and Cleric Titles in Chess are abolished in Ovacikli

In the communist municipality of Ovacikli, all aristocratic and cleric titles (King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook) that are being used in the chess world, are abolished. According to the unanimous decision of the city council, in any tournament that will be realized in Ovacikli, use of old titles is banned. New names of the pieces[…]