Final Countdown: Trump and Clinton will play chess before the Elections


All debates are over. According to the latest poles, Clinton is ahead only by 2 points. All the election specialists share the view that chess games that will be realized in Staples Center Laundry tomorrow at 21.00  will be decisive for the 2016 presidential elections. Owing to olympic gold medal in Baku this year, chess had not been so popular in U.S, since the victory of Bobby Fischer against Boris Spassky. 67,2% of Americans think that president should play better chess than the runner-up.
indir-1 There will be 2 games. Clinton will play with blue and Trump with red pieces. In the first game, Clinton will make the first move and in the second game Trump will start. Time control is 25 minutes for both sides till the end of the game. Trump told that women cannot beat men in chess and he can win against any Indian opening easily. Remembering the Trump’s arguement in 2004, Clinton mentioned that in chess there is no possibility of taking back. Games will be broadcasted live by ChessyChessTV.


Sloppy Jones, Sahtung News Washington

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